About Us

FARMAX is a decision support tool for pastoral farmers. It will help you make money; it is that simple. One farm at a time, we are helping farmers better plan, monitor, review and analyse their farm operations so they do not leave any cash in the paddock.

Commercially launched in 1993, FARMAX was developed by AgResearch and was born out of 20 years of research. It is an evidence-based software system developed for the industry, by the industry. The FARMAX Engine®, which drives all of our products, gives FARMAX farmers a truly unique advantage, because it accurately models the complex biological system that is pastoral farming.

We believe FARMAX is good for pastoral farmers, good for the industry and good for New Zealand. Doing industry-good by helping pastoral farmers succeed remains at the heart of our organisation.

Meet the Team

The FARMAX team is based at New Zealand’s leading agribusiness hub – the Waikato Innovation Park. With a blend of farming software and technical expertise, the team is comprised of agribusiness experts, technical specialists, farming software developers and training and support professionals.


Farmax-trained consultants located all over the country can help you manage your farm using Farmax.

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Farmax farming software helps you create in-depth management strategies for your farm.

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Farmax hold training courses throughout the year, all around the country. To find upcoming courses, see the training calendar.

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With answers to common questions plus useful tips on using your Farmax software, the FAQs and Tips pages have everything you need.

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Interview with Nicola Waugh a consultant who uses FARMAX, discussing the benefits clients get from the software

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Interview with Gareth Baynham a consultant who uses FARMAX, discussing the benefits of the software

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