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Farmax farming software gets rid of the guesswork and helps you to take control and make decisions for your farm based on scientific evidence.

New Zealand pastoral farmers are recognised globally for their ability to turn grass into profit. Our goal is to help you cement this competitive position and up your game with effective farm management strategies; we do this by taking away the guesswork.


Get your strategy right from the outset

Model your farming system and feed requirements, evaluate the situation and create a realistic plan. Optimise your farming system.

Say goodbye to the 'try and see' method

Test different scenarios, monitor your performance, identify trends, and stay on track.

Do better

Make informed decisions, adapt quickly with confidence and improve your performance.

Harness the power of forward planning

Manage risk, create benchmarks, forecast options and test the ‘what if’ scenarios. Make the right decision.

A picture paints a thousand words

Easy to understand graphs, powered by the best biological science available to farmers. No more spreadsheets or complex formulas that only a few can understand. Farmax is easy to use for everyone involved in the farm operation.

Improve communication

Farmax keeps everyone on the same page and up to date with the game plan.

Foster innovation

Add value to your business with new ideas that improve profit. Test out the likely impacts and benefits before you spend the capital.


Farmax farming software helps you create in-depth management strategies for your farm.

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New Zealand farming is notoriously complex. Farmax helps you make sense of it all to help you boost profits.

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Farmax will help you discover the best plan for your farm so that you can maximise performance.

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Like with any new tool, you may need assistance when learning how to use Farmax. Call our HelpDesk for training and technical help.

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Interview with Nicola Waugh a consultant who uses FARMAX, discussing the benefits clients get from the software

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Interview with Gareth Baynham a consultant who uses FARMAX, discussing the benefits of the software

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