Annual Benchmarking Reports

FARMAX can create an annual benchmarking report for sheep, beef and deer farms, which show a summary of the farm’s performance over the year. 

The Reports

There are two types of FARMAX annual reports: the first is the physical report which uses the information recorded in Farmax and the second is the financial report which combines information from the annual accounts with financial information from a client survey. Each farm is categorised according to region and farm type, for example North Island Intensive or North Island Hill Country, and is then grouped with other farms in the same category. Click on the report below to see an example annual report.

Sheep and Beef Example Annual Report


Farm Comparisons

Your individual farm data will be compared against the top 20% and group averages of all the farms in your category. For physical reports, this is based on the gross margin return per kg of potential pasture production. For the financial reports, it is based on the economic farm surplus per kg of potential pasture production. This data can be used to gauge how much potential there is to increase your farm performance. The performance from previous years is also included so that different years can be compared.

The Data

Below is a summary of the different information presented in each report.

   Physical Report:


   Financial Report:

  • Feed supply and demand
  • Pasture cover
  • Reproduction reports
  • Finishing enterprise reports
  • Stock financial summary reports
  • Farm financial summary reports  
  • Profitability report
  • Performance indices
  • Other income
  • Farm working expenditure





Physical reports can be purchased individually for $200. Financial reports can only be purchased alongside physical reports, with the cost being $450 for both.

For more information or to purchase an annual report, please call the Farmax HelpDesk on 0800 FARMAX (327 629).



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