Dairy Farm Planning Tools

FARMAX has a range of products to suit dairy farmers’ monitoring and analysis needs. FARMAX farm planning tools were developed in 1993, when a group of scientists at AgResearch came together to build a computerised model of a New Zealand farm system.

Ten years later, FARMAX the company was born – an industry-good organisation providing farmers with the tools necessary to accurately monitor their farms, analyse the current situation and plan ahead.

Today, FARMAX has the tools to help you, whether you are after an introductory level forecasting product or an advanced farm system scenario tool.

FARMAX provides a distinct advantage. FARMAX customers consistently perform above the New Zealand average.

Give yourself or your clients the same advantage by using FARMAX farm planning tools.

Check out some of the features of our farm planning tools for dairy farms.


FARMAX Feed Wedge is the simplest FARMAX software for dairy farmers. It allows you to forecast pasture cover and determine feed requirements based on stock policies, liveweight, sale and purchases, and more. If you want to use the most advanced feed budgeting tool available to accurately calculate and track feed on your farm use FARMAX Feed Wedge.



FARMAX provides three different tools for farm systems analysis - one for one-off analyses and two for comprehensive monthly monitoring.


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FARMAX Analysis provides you with a tool for one-off analysis – you can set up a farm system to test different scenarios and see how changes to the farm will affect biological and financial feasibility. FARMAX Accredited consultants will usually use Analysis to accurately test farm changes for their farmer clients.


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FARMAX Performance Monitoring has an emphasis on monitoring information. It uses all the data you enter – such as pasture covers, liveweights and conservation – to create an improved forecast of your farm performance and then compares this forecast against your original plan. Performance Monitoring if the tool for you if you want to conduct monthly monitoring to consistently oversee your farm and achieve long-term goals.


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FARMAX Professional provides the full package, giving you the ability to compare multiple farms and scenarios for financial and physical feasibility. FARMAX Professional enables you to undertake tactical and strategic modelling for in-depth analysis and create detailed mating set-ups. It is the ideal tool for you if you want a tool tailored specifically to your farm and business.




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