Pasture Growth Forecaster

FARMAX offers the My Forecast service which provides pasture growth information specific to your region or your farm.

The Pasture Growth Forecaster is an online tool developed by FARMAX, Beef + Lamb New Zealand and DairyNZ that calculates pasture growth for a specific region based on the environmental conditions of that region.

These conditions include soil temperature, solar radiation, evapotranspiration, soil water-holding capacity and soil fertility.


There are two different services the PGF offers:

     - District Forecasts show growth rates for large regions of New Zealand

     - My Forecast provides growth rates which are tailored to your specific farm


Farmers using FARMAX can also combine data from their files with the PGF to create an even more accurate forecast, specific to their farm.

The intention of the PGF is to create awareness and understanding around patterns in pasture growth for specific areas of New Zealand.


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District Forecasts

District forecasts provide an overview of pasture growth for more than 40 different areas of New Zealand, from the Far North to Southland. You are able to view daily forecasts for a 14 day period, specific to either dairy pasture or sheep and beef pasture. These forecasts are recalculated every day to ensure up-to-date predictions, in line with the type of weather that is occurring.

District forecasts are a free service available to anyone who registers for the PGF.


My Forecast

As the name indicates, My Forecast give you just that – a pasture cover growth forecast for your farm – it is that specific. You can view short-term forecasts for 14 day periods or you can view long-term forecasts which cover the upcoming seasons – all tailored to your farming operations. Historic data for your farm is also available, enabling you to see growth rates for the previous two years. If you are a FARMAX customer that has uploaded pasture growth rates you can see historic data for your site.

My Forecast is available only by subscription for a small monthly fee.


FARMAX Customers

The PGF was designed for the benefit and use of all pastoral farmers – sheep, beef, deer and dairy – regardless of whether or not they use FARMAX decision support software. However, farmers using FARMAX can integrate data from My Forecast with actual recorded growth rates from their FARMAX files to create an even more accurate forecast of pasture growth tailored to their farming operations.



If you are a FARMAX user you can integrate the data from the Pasture Growth Forecaster with the pasture cover actuals from your FARMAX files to create an even more accurate forecast of pasture growth that is tailored to your farm.


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FAQ Documents

How good are NIWA's 15 day forecasts?

Grassland Science: Pasture growth model to assist management on dairy farms


Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your subscription, please contact FARMAX on 0800 FARMAX (0800 327 629) or at

Subscriptions are paid in advance. Cancellations for subscriptions will become effective at the next payment date.


Refund Policy

FARMAX will consider refunds only in situations where the PGF service is unavailable for an extended period of time (greater than 24 hours).

If you feel you are entitled to a refund, please contact FARMAX on 0800 FARMAX (0800 327 629).


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