Sward Stick

No-one wants to run out of grass and getting pasture growth right is one of the simplest things a farmer can do to improve their production and make more money.

A FARMAX Sward Stick helps sheep, beef and deer farmers manage their pasture through all seasons and in all terrain. While it may look like nothing more than a simple plastic ruler, it can be as accurate as other methods of measuring pasture and has the added benefit of visual assessment of quality, as well as quantity. It significantly boosts and validates the accuracy of your traditional ‘eyeball test’.

When used as part of a FARMAX farm management system your Sward Stick can help you accurately manage your pasture covers. You will quickly learn the pasture cover you need to support the stock you have and whether there will be enough feed to get through critical periods, such as winter cold or summer drought.

The calibrations on the FARMAX and Beef + Lamb New Zealand Sward Stick were developed and based on extensive research by AgResearch scientists.


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"There might be some differing opinions about pasture cover based on your eye assessments – the Sward Stick standardises them so there is no guess work. It’s simple to use, accurate, doesn’t require a lot of training and it helps you become a capable pasture assessor in a very short period of time. Best of all – it’s free." 
- Hastings farm consultant, John Cannon


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