Generation 7 FAQs

Where can I find more detailed information?

To find a detailed outline of how to set-up an existing or new farm on FARMAX Generation 7 and other relevant information, go to and refer to the user guides at the bottom of the page.


What is the cloud window?

The Cloud Window is the window used for accessing any previous files you have saved, to save a file, or to create a new file.

  • The farms you have access to will be listed in the farm panel on the left.


  • In the middle panel you will see scenario folders, Monitoring files and Plan files; below is an explanation of each.

Scenarios- You can now right click on any file in this window to create a new file, rename a file or create a new folder for a file.                                                                                                                          

You can also right click on any file and duplicate it to create a scenario. Simply rename it, and it will automatically drop down into the scenarios folder.


Monitoring- This file (coloured yellow), is the file in which you enter actual events.


Plans- This file is where you can view current and past seasons plans/targets.


  • The File panel on the right indicates the status of the file. This indicates whether the file is locked by anyone, when the last file was modified and by who, your user role for this farm and the current month you should be updating/reviewing.


How do I perform my monthly updates?

When you have completed all of your updates for the month, you no longer need to send an email to the FARMAX HelpDesk.

Simply save your file and click on the open folder icon in FARMAX to bring up the Cloud Window.

Select your farm and highlight the monitoring file.

Click on the ‘Update Status’ button.

If you are the farmer for this file, leave the tick to send an email to the Consultant so that they know you have completed the month and it is ready for review.

If you are the consultant for this file, select “File has been reviewed by consultant” and change the current month, leaving the tick to notify the farmer of the file via email.


How do I open a file?

To open a file which already exists, select the relevant farm folder and then scenario folder in which the file is located, and then select the file name and click ‘open’.


How do I save/rename a file or folder?

Each saved file is now saved under a scenario folder, from within a farm folder. This means to save a new file, you must select a farm that the file is in reference to, and select a scenario relevant to the file. To create a new farm or rename a farm, select the drop down menu ‘Farm’ in the top left corner. To create a new scenario folder or rename a scenario, select the drop down menu ‘Folder’ under the testing tab. You may also need to create a new file, which is done by selecting the ‘File’ tab and selecting ‘new file’ which will provide a pop-up screen to name the file.


How do I delete files?

To delete a file, simply right click on the file name which you wish to remove from within its scenario folder and select ‘delete’.


Why is the farm split into two files?

The farms are split to make your plan files easier to control. Rather than both files operating simultaneously, the upgraded software allows Plan files to be reviewed and adjusted separately from the Monitoring file.


What does a ‘locked’ file mean?

You can lock a file for an indefinite amount of time even if you are no longer in the file. This feature makes locked file ‘read-only’ to anyone else who has access to the farm files.

To unlock a file, you will need to open the file and then close out of it as you would normally.








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