What is FARMAX?

All Farms vs NI Farms


The graph above is comparing farms using Farmax vs all farms in the NI hill country.

The blue is Beef and Lamb figures and the green is FARMAX figures.

This shows the farms using FARMAX combined with having good on farm management systems, good advisors and staff are getting a higher return in gross margin per hectare.



What is the value?

FARMAX can be used to answer many questions you may have on farm. For example,

Do I have enough pasture for the summer?

Can I carry more stock?

When is the optimum time to apply nitrogen?

Should I increase cropping, or purchase supplements?

What's the maximum production I can get in my farm system?


FARMAX provides a tool which can add significant value to any data captured on farm; while also being useful to test new potential situations and opportunities in your farm system.


What is it?

FARMAX is a modelling and decision support tool, originally developed in New Zealand and now avaiable for farmers around the world.

The tool allows you to build a model of your whole farm-system, and use the model to record actual farm performance data, forecast future expectations, and create unlimited scenarios for your farm system.


How does it work?

The model works by using all feed supply information (such as pasture growth, cropping, supplementary feed and nitrogen) and all feed demand information (such as animal numbers, weights and performance) to assess the feed availability and forecast.

There are over 200 different Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in FARMAX, which cover physical and financial performance. These can be used to assess progress, develop goals and compare scenarios.

A wealth of data is found in the FARMAX databases, which are used to drive the engine of the model.


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