How do I get Farmax?

You can purchase Farmax software by ringing the Farmax HelpDesk on 0800 FARMAX (327 629). At the HelpDesk, one of our friendly team members will help you download the software and guide you through the registration process.


How much does it cost?

Please visit our Products and Services page for more information.

If you have any questions please call the Farmax HelpDesk on 0800 FARMAX (327 629).


Do I get training?

Farmax holds many training courses each year, all over the country.

The Sheep, Beef & Deer software and the Dairy software have separate training courses, broken down into three different ability levels:

  • Farm Business Planning
  • Farmax Performance Monitoring
  • Farmax Professional
  • Farmax Advanced

See the training calendar to find all of the upcoming training courses for this year.


Do I need internet access?

Yes, you will need internet access to use Farmax. This is required for downloading the software as well as for the new Cloud version of Farmax, to upload and download your latest files as well as to create a new farm. Your internet does not need to be incredibly fast to do these things; dial-up or broadband will get the job done, it just needs to be a reliable source.


Do I get free software updates?

Yes, as part of your Farmax subscription you will receive free updates of the software. You will be notified by email whenever a new update is available.


What help is available?

The Farmax HelpDesk offers a range of technical support for all of our users. You can contact the HelpDesk between the hours of 7.30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, with any queries or problems you may have. You can also fill out an enquiry form and we will get in touch with you.

In addition to our friendly team on the HelpDesk, there are many different support tools available on our website. You have access to video tutorials and manuals, as well as frequently asked questions and tips.

Farmax also holds training courses throughout the year, all around the country. See the training calendar for upcoming training courses.


How do I share my Farmax information with my consultant?

Now Farmax is on the cloud, it is easy to share your farm files with your farm manager, consultant, accountant or anyone who is apart of your farm business.

Please give the Farmax HelpDesk a call to get started.


How frequently are the Farmax database's being backed up?

The database is fully backed up daily soon after business end of day. Transaction logs are taken hourly. Five days of backups are stored locally.

The local backup files are mirrored offsite every two hours. Additional monthly copies retain offsite for 3 months.


Where are the backups stored?

The offsite backups are stored at the Cloud's Auckland datacentre.


Is there a test restore process?

Yes. The Sequel server restore process is verified frequently. A test restore of our cloud storage is done on a regular basis.


Can I get a copy of my data if I decide to stop using the FARMAX System?

Yes. If you wish to stop subscribing to Farmax, you will still have read-only access to your farm files through the Farmax Cloud.



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