Farm Management Strategy

Performance differs greatly between individual farms due to the complexity of New Zealand farming and the fact that it is so difficult to predict. Farmax is a tool for handling and making sense of this complexity.

Underlying Farmax is a powerful set of equations developed over the past 20 years by Farmax and AgResearch. We make the most of modern technology, developing intelligent tools that are easy to use, so that you can be confident of the most profitable way forward for your farm.


Getting the strategy right

Is your current system heading in the right direction? Are you concentrating on the right enterprises and do they really fit with you pasture? How can your farm make $100K more than it does today?

Accurate data you enter into Farmax is turned into useful information about your farm that you can use to make better decisions which improve your bottom line.

If you do not have the data, our powerful modelling capability will fill in the gaps – unlike a spreadsheet where gaps remain gaps!

With Farmax farming software you can:

  • Create feed budgets based on production targets.
  • Calculate pasture growth and forecast feed requirements.
  • Forecast production, condition scores, pasture cover and profit for the season and compare these against your original plan.
  • Develop and compare farms and scenarios for financial and physical feasibility.
  • Develop a comprehensive physical and financial plan for the upcoming season.
  • Find out how your farm is performing compared with similar farming businesses in New Zealand.


Monitoring performance

You can be confident in your decisions when you know exactly how your farm is performing. Find out how Farmax keeps everyone on the same page. Read more.


Maximising performance

A great plan can only be of value if it is well implemented. Changes in the weather may mean you need to respond quickly and quick responses come from confident decision making. Read more.


Farmax farming software will help you get your strategy right so you can say goodbye to the 'try and see' method.

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New Zealand farming is notoriously complex. Farmax helps you make sense of it all, to help you boost profits.

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Farmax will help you discover the best plan for your farm so that you can maximise performance.

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Like with any new tool, you may need assistance when learning how to use Farmax. Call our HelpDesk for training and technical help.

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Interview with Nicola Waugh a consultant who uses FARMAX, discussing the benefits clients get from the software

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Interview with Gareth Baynham a consultant who uses FARMAX, discussing the benefits of the software

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