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Request a custom training

Want to get the team
up to speed in FARMAX?

The great thing about custom FARMAX trainings is that the specifics of what is covered is up to you!

Use the form on the right to request a custom FARMAX training where we'll travel to you and tailor the workshop to your team's exact needs. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • The training is full day: 2 x three-hour sessions which can be morning/afternoon or afternoon/morning (the following day)

  • There will be 1 tutor to 6 trainees and class sizes are limited to 12 people

  • If you'd like more than 12 people trained, we can split the group over multiple days

  • Cost is $2,000 +GST per day

  • Travel charges are additional, but only the flights of the lead tutor will be charged

Request a training

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Your training request has been sent! We'll be in touch soon to discuss the details and get your training booked in.