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Calibrating Milk Production

Calibrating Milk Production

Calibrating the model to match actual performance and production is important so you can be sure that everything makes sense and the inputs you have entered into the model are validated.

To calibrate your milk solids, you must be confident that your cow numbers are correct, and the supplements fed to them are accurate and updated.

You must be in the Tools section of the software under Farm production. Actual milk production needs to be entered (ideally) in the 10-daily section before calibrating. This is entered in Tools under ‘Farm Production’

There are two rows for the MS/milker. An Actual row and a Model row. Ideally, you want both rows to match as closely as possible. FARMAX will warn you if they are too far apart.

Think about your pasture on farm and alter either the Pasture Offered or the Pasture ME value row and watch how the model figure starts to change.