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FARMAX Analysis

FARMAX Analysis is used to create a farm system model and test out different scenarios to see how changes will affect physical, financial and environmental feasibility of the farm.

Analysis comes in two versions: Dairy and Red Meat.

Test out changes before
you implement them

Forecast more than
200 KPIs

Identify feed deficits
or surpluses

What can you do with Analysis?

Create a farm system model of your farm business. 

Set up a plan and test changes to your farm system. 

Create unlimited 'what if' scenarios around stock, feed, pasture, sustainability and more. 

Forecast over 200 KPIs including financial, production, efficiency and environmental indicators.

Compare the performance of stock enterprises within your farm system.

Check the biological and financial feasibility of your plan.

$350 per quarter

Not sure if FARMAX Analysis is right for you?