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Discover what FarmIQ can do for your farming business

FarmIQ is a cloud-based farm management platform that helps you manage your farm information, tasks, assets, inventory, compliance and reports all in one place.

Join over 3,500 Kiwi farmers using FarmIQ

A time-saving farm management system that keeps all your everyday information in one place. Gain a birds-eye-view of your farming operation, and keep the entire team on the same page.

We've joined forces

Farmax is owned by FarmIQ. Through AgResearch being a shareholder of FarmIQ, Farmax continues to work closely with our preferred science partners to ensure the application is kept relevant with the aim to create the most valuable farm planning and analysis tools for New Zealand farmers.

Together, FarmIQ and FARMAX provide the most complete farm management system solutions with both recording and predictive modelling functionality. Using both tools provides a holistic view of the whole farm system, not just profit, production and sustainability, but people, land and processes as well. 

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