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How do I use
'other' blocks?

Use the 'other' block feature in FARMAX 8 to represent areas of your farm not in pasture production. Doing this ensure your FARMAX plan aligns with how your farm is represented elsewhere, such as Farm Environment Plans. It also means you can include non-productive area in your Total Farm Area reporting.

Use this feature to represent wetlands, riparian strips, QEII land or infrastructure such as stand-off pads.

Adding an other block

You can add an 'other' block by right clicking Farm Level in the tree view. The Farm Level is top level where the Farm Name is listed.

From the Menu select New Block and then select Other from the list of block types.

After selecting Other, you will now see your Other block in the tree, below any Pasture or Forestry Blocks.

Once your new block is in place, you can edit the Block Properties to reflect your farm or the scenario you want to explore.

Editing other blocks

Other blocks and Forestry blocks are additional to the Farm Area defined for your subscription. They are unconstrained, you can add or reduce the size of your forestry block/s by typing in the Area field in the block properties screen.

Removing other blocks

To remove an 'other' block, right click on the block in the tree view and select Delete from the menu.