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Sustainable Progress Initiatives

Terms and Conditions of the Subsidised Offer

Data sharing consent (ASB)

By agreeing to this Data Sharing Consent (ASB), you consent to FARMAX disclosing or sharing your Data, Output Data and the Aggregated Data (together, your data) with ASB Bank (ASB).

FARMAX has partnered with ASB and Pāmu to provide agridata tools to the New Zealand agricultural industry. An industry good fund has been established to provide customers with the FARMAX and FarmIQ products, including the pack’s known as FARMAX Base and FarmIQ Lite.

To assist ASB to continue offering farmers financial service, ASB seeks access to some of your data namely: Farm Name, Organisation Name, Farm Address, Primary Contact Name, Primary Contact Phone, Primary Contact Email, Primary Contact Role, and Farm System Type.

You consent to FARMAX disclosing to ASB that data for ASB to store, use, and disclose that data for ASB’s own business purposes. FARMAX encourages you to consult ASB Privacy Policy so that you understand how ASB deals with personal information (see

If you have provided this consent as part of a “special deal” or other incentive and you withdraw your consent at a later point of time, the “special deal” or other incentive will cease to apply to your Subscription Package. Other terms and conditions may also apply.

If you accept the T&Cs of the industry good fund in partnership with ASB and Pāmu, you must make payment [to the fund/for any associated product] via an automatic method of payment.

To avoid doubt, FARMAX T&Cs (see continue to apply in addition to this Consent. Capitalised terms used in this Data Sharing Consent (ASB) have the same meaning as given in the T&Cs.