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Intake Report

The Intake report shows the total feed required by a mob, enterprise or farm - essentially, demand multiplied by head count.

Navigating the report:

  • The left side of the report shows how average daily intake is derived: head count x demand = total.

  • The right side of the report shows how this demand is met: pasture + supplements + deficit = total.

  • The two total columns should always match if Total denominator is selected.

Altering the report:

  1. User selection of units (DM, StdDM, ME) affects the whole report.

  2. User selection of utilisation (Eaten, Removed) affects the whole report.

  3. User selection of denominator (Total, Per Ha, Per Grazing Ha, Per Head) affects only the right-hand section.


Demand Report: Total equals Intake Report (at mob level, when viewed as kg Std DM/head - n.b. Standardised DM, because mob demand is reported independent of the farm’s pasture quality)

Farm level Intake Report: Pasture, Supplement, Deficit and Total is equal to the values in the Supply Demand Report