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Pinning reports for
easy analysis

Popping out reports in FARMAX is a convenient feature to see how changes you make effect outputs and in FARMAX 8 this feature has a new addition.

You can now pop out and pin reports to the side of the FARMAX window.

To pin a report, hold the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard while clicking either the report name in the ‘Reports’ menu, or on the pop-out report option to the left of the report title.

Reports pin to the right side of FARMAX and continue to update as you work on your files. More than one report can be pinned, and you can adjust the size of these by hovering over the white borderlines and adjusting the size to your liking. You can continue navigating other reports in FARMAX and the pinned reports will stay in place.

Reports can still be popped out in their window without having to be pinned, simply click the pop-out report option without holding ‘Ctrl’.

To unpin reports, click in the X in the top right-hand corner of the pinned report.