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Update using the
milk actuals screen

What is it?

This allows you to enter bulk milk production to factory, plus add an adjustment for any calf and penicillin milk retained on-farm. These figures are typically updated monthly and will later be used to calibrate your FARMAX plan against actual farm production.

Where can I find it?

Click on the milking cows mob. If you have multiple milking mobs (Eg. Spring and Autumn calving cows), selecting either will work. Select Performance and click Milk Actuals

How do I use it?

First you will need to select the period for which you would like to add actual production figures. Next, enter the whole farm production, including litres to factory (and withheld if applicable), kg fat and kg protein during that period.

If you have multiple milking mobs, you will also have the option to estimate the split of production between the mobs. By default, this will be set based on the modelled production for the period. This split will be important when calibrating milk production later on.