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Update your herd's
genetic merit

In FARMAX you can define the Breeding Worth or the individual Breeding Values for your herd in the Mob Properties screen. If you define the Breeding Worth, FARMAX will calculate the Breeding Values.

The Breeding Values will have a specific effect on the efficiency with which protein and fat are produced.

What are breeding worth and breeding values?

The Breeding Value (BV) for a given trait is the difference between an animal’s genetic merit and that of the genetic base cow.

Breeding Worth (BW) is calculated by combining breeding values for each trait, with Economic Values (link).

You can find out more about Genetic Merit from New Zealand Animal Evaluation Limited.

Options in FARMAX

Each year a new set Of Economic Values will be available to select from.

Note: Changing the Economic Year selection will update the herd's BW, but not the BVs.

Every five years the Genetic Base is updated.

When this is updated a New Genetic Base will be available to select from.

Updating your selections in FARMAX

Because changing these selections can impact modelled production, Farmax will not automatically update your selections where new years are added.

When you are notified of any changes to your herds genetic merit, we recommend you review your selections in FARMAX.