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Start with FARMAX Analysis to create a farm system model and test out different scenarios to see how changes to the farm will affect biological and financial feasibility.


per quarter

FARMAX Accredited consultants will usually use FARMAX Analysis to accurately test farm changes for their clients.

✔ Create a farm system model for a farm business

✔ Forecast your production and profit

✔ Create unlimited ‘what if’ scenarios

✔ Test changes to your farm system

✔ Set up a plan and check the biological and financial feasibility

✔ Compare the performance of stock enterprises within your farm system

✔ Forecast over 200 KPIs including financial, productivity and environmental aspects

✔ Set up access for unlimited users

✔ Unlimited access to FARMAX Tutorials and Help

✔ HelpDesk for general queries and assistance


With FARMAX Advantage - the full FARMAX package - you can use farmlet analysis to compare and analyse the separate parts of your farm in much greater detail.


per month

FARMAX Advantage includes benchmarking reporting so you can discover how you are performing against other FARMAX farmers.

✔ All of the features of FARMAX Analysis

✔ Track performance against your plan

✔ Connect with data partners to import data from other systems

✔ Reforecast your plan based on your updates throughout the season

✔ Compare the physical and financial performance of farmlets within the farm

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